modern farmhouse black and white bathroom

5 Ways You Can Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

We all imagine our bathrooms as a relaxing escape. Whether you prefer thinking or singing in the shower, I think we can all agree that it’s great to feel totally at ease when you are in your bathroom. However, clutter and a claustrophobic space can break that peace of mind. Here are some interior design tips that can increase the perceived size of your bathroom and make it the luxurious space you imagine.

#1: Light on Light

These tips are all about the interesting ways design can manipulate our perceptions. One of the simplest ways to make people think a room is bigger is by brightening it up. An all-white room will seem more substantial than an entirely black room. Consider light backsplashes, floor tiling, and cabinets.

#2: Utilize Negative Space

This tip may seem counterintuitive. After all, in a small bathroom, you’ll have limited space to fit all of your essentials. On the other hand, stuffing your space with floor to ceiling cabinets for your 15 different shampoos is only going to constrict the space further.

Most people expect cabinets beneath the sink, but if you have a floating countertop, it will be more eye-catching and expand the space a lot more than you might think.

#3: Look in the Mirror!

Installing a mirror is one of the most common ways to expand a room. You may have been in a restaurant or home with a huge mirror and been surprised when you realized it wasn’t a window.

The same concept can easily be applied to your bathroom. A large mirror about a vanity can expand the space and be useful when you are getting ready in the morning.

#4: No Shower Curtain?

A room seems smaller when there are things that block your vision. This reason is why a mirror is great. It actually expands your vision. On the flip side, something like a shower curtain can act as a wall. Of course, there’s a privacy reason for that, but even a frosted glass wall on your shower can let enough light in to break the illusion of a wall.

#5: Organize and De-Clutter!

Organization in a small place is more challenging, so you’ll have to be on top of things. Use the space you have efficiently by keeping non-essentials in other parts of your home.

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