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Why You Should Invest in Water Filtration in Ohio

Imagine that you have a guest over to your home. When they ask for water, you don’t want to offer them basic tap water. They ask for a bottle, but you try not to use them since all of that plastic could end up polluting the ocean. Even if you have a pre-installed filter in your fridge, they can be difficult to replace and can leave a strange taste in your mouth. Instead, you’re left with an awkward exchange and an empty reassurance that your guest wasn’t thirsty after all.

This can be avoided!

Let us explain why a water filtration system is ideal for your Ohio home.

The Problem with Ohio’s Water Supply

We love Ohio, but we do struggle with some of our water infrastructure. A report by the Natural Resources Defense Council in 2015 found that 77 million Americans get their drinking water from systems that violated federal protections.

Most of us know of the tragedy of the water supply in Flint, Michigan. Our nation’s waterways are fragile and the only way to protect your family is by monitoring the water that enters your home.

Ohio had the 7th highest number of offenses of any state, according to the report. We don’t have the infrastructure to enforce the laws that protect our already decaying waterways. This means that hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of Ohioans are drinking water with contamination concentrations higher than federal standards. This includes nitrates, disinfectants, and unsafe metals like copper and lead.

This should worry you, but luckily there are ways to protect you and your family that are easier than you think.

What Can We Filter Out?

A water filtration system is your best line of defense against contaminants. This way you won’t have to rely on municipal systems farther up the supply change. With a system installed, you can limit contaminants such as:

  • Lead

  • Copper

  • Chlorine and other disinfectants

  • Dirt

  • Rust

  • Bacteria

Water filters can be extremely powerful and can protect your family from pathogens and carcinogens that find their way into our water supply.

However, the benefits aren’t just limited to your health. You’ll experience better-tasting and less cloudy water as well. No one likes a cloudy, milky colored glass of water. That is all caused by suspended particles. We’ll filter those out so you can expect a crystal clear glass every time.

So, What Are My Options?

We offer two main types of water filtration systems: Point-of-Use, and Point-of-Entry. A point-of-use system will only filter for one specific water appliance. Most of the time this is a sink. Usually, we would place the system under the counter, hidden from view, but still easily accessible for replacing filters.

You’ll want this to be in place under where you typically get your drinking water.

The other choice is the point-of-entry. This works just like it sounds at the point where water enters your home. This will filter all the water you use but can be a little more difficult to upkeep since it’s not as conveniently located. This typically means you can’t get quite as strong of filtration, but you’ll see benefits across your other appliances.

This includes fewer spots on dishes, more moisturized skin, and vibrancy in your clothes after they’ve been laundered.

Overall, water filtration is especially important for Ohioans due to the track record we’ve seen with our waterways. Rooter Works offers plenty of solutions to the problem from point-of-use to point-of-entry with a variety of filters to accommodate different budgets.

If you think a water filtration system may work for your home, give us at Rooter Works, a call at (614) 412-3324 or fill out one of our online contact forms.