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Effective, Non-Invasive Sewer Line Repair for Homes

Sewer line issues are something every homeowner dreads. After all, having a leaking or broken sewer line doesn’t only involve a plumbing repair--it can also involve digging a trench in your yard to perform the repair (R.I.P. well-tended lawn). Fortunately, plumbers now possess non-invasive repair technology that allows them to save your sewer line while also preserving your property.


Rather than replacing an entire sewer line that has one or two broken sections, sewer lining allows you to keep your existing line by relining gaps in the pipe.

Initial Steps

Before starting any work, your plumber will inspect and clean your pipes. This accomplishes two things:

  1. It allows your plumber to better inspect and assess how much damage the pipe has.

  2. It also provides a smooth, clean surface that will help the lining adhere better.

Your plumber will then locate an access point hole through which he can insert the lining with his equipment.

Repairing the Sewer Lining

  • The lining used to coat your sewer line is made of durable epoxy.
  • As the machine inserts the epoxy into the pipe, the material will essentially form a new pipe within the old one.
  • The epoxy seals holes, gaps, and broken sections and also coats weakened, vulnerable joints.

What Will Sewer Pipe Lining Help Protect Your Pipes From?

Once the lining has completely covered your sewer line, the plumber will leave it to dry and harden. When the epoxy is fully dry, you will have a more durable sewer line than before.

Because the lining is resistant to all of the following:

  • Corrosion and rust

  • Invasive roots

  • Heat damage

  • Stress caused by soil shifts and earthquakes


There are several advantages to choosing sewer lining over traditional sewer line repair. For starters, there is no major digging involved, so your property will remain intact. Additionally, sewer lining takes less time to complete (usually only one day) and is far less expensive.

There are no real disadvantages to sewer lining, but it’s important to note that some sewer lines can be in such a state of disrepair that lining the pipes will not be a feasible option. In those situations, the lines must be dug up and replaced.

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