woman unclogging sink with plunger

Why Plumbing Problems Always Seem to Happen During the Holidays

It’s no coincidence: plumbing problems tend to increase every year around the holiday season. While your home’s plumbing may not mean to be a “Scrooge,” it can have a hard time dealing with all the additional use it’s getting.

That’s why we’ve put together the following tips that will help you avoid typical holiday season plumbing problems, like clogged drains and jammed garbage disposals.

1. Warn people about your finicky toilet.

We’ve all been to a house that has one. The first few generations of “low-flow” toilets in particular are infamous for clogging if someone tries to flush too much toilet paper. And there are few things more mortifying than clogging up the toilet in someone else’s home.

Save your guests some embarrassment by letting them know if your toilet has any quirks. Better yet, get your toilet repaired or replaced ahead of time so that you and your guests don’t need to worry about clogs or a flooded bathroom.

2. Always keep a wastebasket in the bathroom.

A guest may flush something that they’re not supposed to because they have nowhere else to throw it away. Equip any bathrooms that guests will be using with a lidded wastebasket, and line it with a garbage bag to keep things tidy and hygienic.

3. Give your garbage disposal a break.

Garbage disposals should only be used for soft food remnants. They aren’t actually a place to toss garbage, and they can get jammed or broken easily if they’re “fed” the wrong things.

The following should NEVER go down your garbage disposal:

  • Anything hard, like bones, fruit pits, corn cobs, etc.
  • Starchy veggies, like potatoes (including potato peels)
  • Fibrous or stringy veggies, like celery

4. Keep grease out of your drains.

Cooking up a delicious holiday feast can produce a lot of grease. While pouring it down your kitchen drain might seem like the easiest way to dispose of it, when that grease cools and hardens, it can cause multiple problems for you down the road, including foul odors, clogged pipes, and sewage backup.

Instead, dispose of grease by pouring it in some aluminum foil and letting it cool into a solid, which will be much easier to throw away. Wipe down your dirty cookware with paper towels before washing them to minimize the amount of grease that will end up in your drains.

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