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The Rooter Works Plumbing and Drains is proud to specialize in Cleveland drain cleaning and sewer line services. For over a decade, our company has gone above and beyond to provide homes of all shapes and sizes the repairs and installations their sewer and drain system needs. Our plumbers are fully licensed, insured, and certified in order to deliver nothing but the best on every service call. And with quality guarantees and prices that are fair for any budget, there’s no reason to hire anyone else when you need drain cleaning and sewers service in Cleveland.

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Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning Problems to Watch Out For

Your sewer and drain lines may be out of sight, but that does not mean they should be out of mind. Because they are buried underground, it can be difficult to spot a sewer or drain line problem when it first occurs. However, if you know what signs to look for, you may be able to stop sewer and drain issues before they spiral out of control and cause severe property damage.

Common problems our Cleveland sewer and drain pros deal with include:

  • Bellied Pipes: A pipe that “bellies” is sagging, usually due to soil conditions and sediment build-up. When this happens in your pipes, water will start to collect in the bellied, sunken spots, rather than flowing freely like it should.
  • Collapsed Pipes: As the soil in your yard shifts and settles over time, it is possible for your lines to shift with it—potentially breaking in the process. Your lines may also collapse due to events such as an earthquake, or freezing during the wintertime. This is why it’s good to schedule regular camera inspections, so you can get a firsthand look at the health of your pipes.
  • Deteriorated Pipes: The more water and waste that passes through your pipes, the more common it is for them to break down with age. As sediment, grease, and other debris builds up on/chips away at your sewer and drain lines, you may eventually need to have them replaced altogether.
  • Leaky Joints: Sometimes, when sewer and drain lines are not installed properly, their joints may become loose. In less severe instances, a technician may be able to simply replace a portion of piping where the joints are particularly bad. But in instances where multiple joints are leaking and have rusted with age, more extensive replacements may be necessary.
  • Root Intrusion: Root intrusion occurs because the moisture in your drain and sewer lines acts as a kind of natural fertilizer for nearby tree and shrub roots. When these roots start to grow around and eventually into your lines, they can create major blockages, eventually causing your lines to leak, crack, or rupture.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

The best way to prevent drain cleaning is with routine plumbing maintenance; prevention is best achieved before the problem occurs. But we realize that it's not always easy to remember to have routine maintenance done, so it's best to schedule it in advance and know what to look for:

  • Water Backup - When you flush the toilet a gush of water is visible from the shower drain? Any circumstance or instance like this tells us that there is excess air in the drain system, so you have to clear the drains.
  • Frequent Clogging - Occasionally clogs in toilets or drains in the home happen. However, if you are experiencing clogs regularly, or if multiple fixtures in your home are clogged at the same time, a complete drain line cleaning is in order.
  • Bad or Odd Odors - Whether it comes from sink drains, your shower, or even the back yard (yes, your yard! ), the stink of sewage and drain line contents is undeniable. We recommend calling the plumbing professionals if you notice foul odors.
  • Drains Moving Slow - After brushing your teeth, does the sink take you minutes to completely empty or does your sink still have water an hour after you've done your dishes? These signs are clearly indicative of a built-up of garbage in your drains.

Offering a Full Range of Drain & Sewer Services in Cleveland, OH

Remember, your sewer and drain lines are susceptible to harsh weather conditions and various other destructive environmental factors over the years, so it is not necessarily strange for them to become worn down after long periods of use. Just make sure you act right away if you suspect a sewer or drain line problem, as waiting to deal with a wastewater leak or a sewage back-up is not only dangerous for your plumbing, but may pose a severe health hazard for your entire property.

Luckily, Rooter Works has all the services you need to keep your lines secure and your water flowing for years to come. We offer cutting-edge trenchless drain line replacement and sewer lining, allowing us to access and install new piping without digging up your yard and creating a mess on your property. We can also provide traditional excavation service, in cases where this is the best way to access your lines. Our drain and sewer technicians are capable of performing the routine maintenance your lines need, and we highly suggest hiring them for regular drain cleanings and sewer inspections to increase the lifespan of your system. Plus, with hydro jetting to pulverize even the toughest problems, there’s no reason not to hire Rooter Works for all your drain and sewer line needs.

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The Rooter Works Plumbing and Drains is a full-service drain and sewer line company, meaning we are equipped with specialized tools, training, and technology you simply will not get with the average plumbing company. Our team are experts when it comes to all things sewers and drains, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify problems fast and present solutions that last. Our reputation is built on a customer-focused culture and a commitment to improving our community—one plumbing job at a time. Call today for available specials and financing options, and don’t forget that we offer same-day services upon request.

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