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As time goes by, your drains will slowly become dirtier and dirtier until they slow down or even stop completely. Drain obstructions are a normal part of homeownership, and they’re easily one of the most annoying plumbing problems you will eventually come across. Fixing this issue may not be as simple as it seems, either. Because you can’t just wipe away the mess, you need to take special action, and many of the supposed “easy” solutions actually make things worse than they should be. At The Rooter Works, we offer a solution that both solves your issue and keeps it away for good: a comprehensive, full-service drain cleaning from one of our Cleveland drain cleaning pros.

If you have a drain in your home that is stubborn, slow, or even stopped completely, dial (614) 412-3324 and schedule your drain cleaning service with The Rooter Works today.

Drain Cleaning vs. Clog Removal

Removing a clog may solve your slow drain issue for now, but it’s really only half of the job. Sure it might make the symptoms go away for the time being, but not removing the grime on the walls of your drain line leaves a foundation that rebuilds into a new clog in a short amount of time. At The Rooter Works, we go a step further with our drain treatment services by both removing your clog and cleaning the inside of your drain line with a drain cleaning service.

Drain cleaning removes the grime and nasty residue that has built up in your drain line over the months or years of use. Over time, some of this grime becomes stuck in your drain, and this grime then grabs and holds onto more grime to create a bigger and nastier clog. Eventually, the problem gets to the point where all water and waste flow in a drain stops completely, creating your clog issue. A drain cleaning service removes this obstruction and completely eliminates the foundation of your clog so the issue disappears for good.

Drain cleaning removes just about anything from your drain line, including:

  • Grease & oil residue
  • Hair
  • Food waste
  • Dirt & minerals
  • Hygiene products
  • Soaps cum

How We Clean Your Drains

The most popular method for drain cleaning is a process known as “jetting.” To put it simply, this process uses a specialized pressure washer that scrubs away the inside of your drain line while also obliterating waste and grime. In a way, it’s not all that unlike scrubbing the grime off your deck, patio, or the exterior of your home with a pressure washer.

Our plumber arrives with a specialized jetting system and hooks into your home’s electrical and water system (all they need is a standard hose connection and electrical outlet). From there, they insert the tool into the closest drain cleanout to your affected drain. Once they reach the clog, the specialized tool blasts away the clog while simultaneously scrubbing off the walls of your line to remove any further grime and waste. The process takes no more than a few hours and generally prevents clogs from coming back for far longer than any other type of drain cleaning service.

When to Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service

No matter how careful you are about what you put down your drains, you will eventually find yourself dealing with a frustrating clog. Natural enzymes and other preventative measures can help, but there really is no substitute for comprehensive, professional drain cleaning services from the premier drain cleaning team in Cleveland. If you want to put your problem behind you, give us a call as soon as you start to notice your drain moving slowly and we’ll take care of the issue to minimize disruption of your day-to-day life.

Choose the experts at The Rooter Works to handle your drain cleaning needs! Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll work with you to schedule your appointment.

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